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IT/Computer Advice

DOT-COMmunICaTions offers free unbiased advice on Computer equipment and IT in general; people want help with and reliable insights into the technologies that are in everyday use today. We know of no other concern that does likewise hereabouts.

We discount the cost of repairs to Charities, not-for-profit Companies and Individuals on Low-Incomes and/or Benefits.

The repair of older equipment for which we hold a large stock of replacement parts is a speciality.

Computer System Support Packages

We provide low-cost Computer support packages (including Web Site hosting) to local Charities and Not-For-Profit companies. Prices depend upon level and amount of support required, so please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Repairs and Upgrades

We can repair most types of computer and peripheral equipment on-site, and have several highly experienced technicians to help you resolve problems.

Inspection and Diagnostics

We will try and provide a quick diagnosis and free quotation wherever possible, however some problems can require a more intensive inspection which will be chargeable.
Any diagnostic work requiring more that 15 minutes of a technician's time will be chargeable.£10


Small software installs and minor system (re)configurations.


Minor Upgrades (such as matching and fitting memory, or fitting a replacement power supply).
£10 + cost of parts

General Repairs

We charge an hourly rate of all other repairs (charged in 30 minute intervals).
£35ph + cost of parts

Format and Reinstall

A full format and reinstall of the operating system is a cure for most serious software problems.
Basic data backup (less than 1Gb) as part of a repair.FREE + cost of media

Program and System Transfer

Transfer of existing settings, programs and data from your old computer to your new computer.
Ask us for a quote

Virus and Malware Removal

In the last five years there has been a huge increase in malicious software known as Malware. If it gets into your computer and spreads before you realize it is there, then you may be at risk of having your personal data compromized.
We can try and save your existing setup by carrying out an intensive clean if it hasn't been too badly damaged, or provide a format and reinstall to clean the system.

All parts and upgrades are provided at cost.

We provide a NO FIX, NO FEE Guarantee.